About Us

More than a venue. An experience. 

Our Story

The Lands is more than a venue, it’s an experience. Ours is the only local, large-capacity venue that offers everything under one roof, including simple yet elegant stone and wood spaces for pre-event preparations, ceremonies, cocktail hours and receptions.

Whether it’s a dream wedding or a milestone celebration, your special day is about so much more than just the event. It’s about the path you’ve traveled to reach this moment.  It’s the exciting countdown. And it’s the amazing adventures ahead that await you.

At The Lands, we understand that we’re a small, but beautifully important moment within your journey. We take the time to learn your story so we can help create a day that honors you, your family, and your friends, allowing you to host the wedding or special event you’ve always imagined—one that is uniquely yours.


Our History

For over 10 years, our organization has mastered the both the art and logistical science of hosting successful weddings and special events.

Our staff is 100% volunteer-based: a multi-generational group of people that know and work together like a caring, close-knit team. For every couple, every client, we invest a little bit of ourselves to make once-in-a-lifetime events as special as they can be.

Every penny earned in profit from The Lands supports our local youth program, which provides enriching experiences and opportunities that help our young generation build healthy, happy lives. In choosing to host your special occasion at The Lands, you’re not just ensuring a smooth, memorable event, you’re making an investment in Urbana’s bright future.

Our Core Values

As a spiritual community, we think about the ways in which we can create meaningful lives. In this way, our values are always in support of our larger mission: Be a force for good.

Make A Difference

We make the world a better place by putting our hands and hearts to work with and for others.

Support Each Other

We lift each other up with activities and programs that teach our youth, support our families, and celebrate our seniors.

Celebrate Community

Our roots and our home are here in Urbana where we feel a deep connection to friends we know and those we’ve yet to know.

100% of proceeds go to
charitable efforts

As a volunteer run organization, every penny we earn from The Lands weddings and events supports our local UCCC youth programs.


Our seasoned venue staff have planned and coordinated hundreds of indoor and outdoor weddings and events. We feel a personal connection to everyone.

Wedding Venue in Urbana Ohio
Happy bride and groom at The Lands - Wedding & Reception Venue located in Urbana Ohio
People enjoying the spacious banquet hall known as The Lands,

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